Delinquency Interviews (Door Knocking)

DoorKnockingOur field agents will visit your debtor at their home or work location and urge them to contact you immediately to discuss their delinquent account.  The objective is to put you back in contact with your debtor so you have the opportunity to make satisfactory arrangements on your account.

If direct debtor contact cannot be accomplished we will speak with third parties, if available, to obtain any information possible.  Our field agents are trained in discretion and confidentiality to ensure all regulations pertaining to third-party contact are observed.  Contact letters notifying the debtor about the circumstances on the account are left with the debtor, a third party or on the door of the residence.  Letters are ALWAYS sealed in Personal and Confidential envelopes and addressed to the debtor.

You will receive a report detailing the results of the field visit within 72 hours.  In addition to the details of our efforts and conversations, the report can include information about the debtor’s contact and work information, collateral condition, our observations regarding potential obstacles to repossession or other circumstances that will allow you to make better informed decisions on the account.  The report can also include pictures if desired at no additional charge.

Direct face-to-face contact will prioritize the debt in your debtor’s mind, allowing you greater opportunity to bring the account to a satisfactory conclusion while reducing your costs with other possibly unnecessary actions.